My Story


To date, I’ve worked with clients which pay me $120,000 a year as a developer.

Whether it’s writing code to control medical infusion pumps, automating entire business processes or handling credit / debit card payments for client needs.

I’m the person, clients turn to for their development needs.

My Story

But it wasn’t always this way...

I used to work for a typical 9-5 company, I was treated as a code monkey, someone who would come in and be told to just “churn” out code all day for the investors.

No rewards for my hard work and often told by the “boss” with 30 years experience how much of an idiot I was, on a daily basis.

The promised salary rise was forgotten.
All the benefits when I signed up quickly fadded.
And I had to fight and justify why I deserved to take off 2 days vacation, with 2 months notice.

It was hell.

Eventually, I decided, enough was enough.

And like you, I started to realise the wealth of opportunities out in the world.
I took the plunge and threw myself out there.

At first it was tough, many months would go by without a single dollar made.

Eventually though through sheer will, I secured my first client.
Then, my second, my third and so on…

I hit the jackpot when I secured the often sought, $500 per day client.

These days, I focus my time on a 50/50 basis.
Client work, first and always.

Secondly, sharing knowledge with the world through this blog.

My Story


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