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  • Ross Edlin
  • ·
  • 18th Mar 2019

Benefits of waking up early (6am) for millennials

Getting up at 6am was never my strength, I was that night owl, the guy who’d be up on my computer late at night until 4am in the morning. Until that day it all changed...

  • Ross Edlin
  • ·
  • 4th Mar 2019

The Best PHP IDE of the Decade (PhpStorm)

I hate to admit this, but for nearly 6 years of my life I refused to use an Integrated Developer Environment (IDE). I’m smarter than other people because I write in notepad I don’t need an IDE, I understand the code better Just a few of the statements I would repeat in my head, convincing […]

  • Ross Edlin
  • ·
  • 15th Feb 2019

Why I use a MacBook Pro for PHP Programming

Windows, Mac and even Linux are great operating systems, but out of them all one for me has topped the list as the best for writing PHP code. That operating system is Mac OS, keep reading to find out why I think it’s the best operating system out there, specifically for writing PHP.